You Bring Out the Sicilian in Me

Christina Galioto

. . . You bring out the Cosa Nostra in me.

The fiery Sicilian in me.

The inevitable tommy gun explosion, roar and intensity in me.

The sever of strings and wildly independent marionette in me.

The spicy spaghetti in me.

The Medusa and the venomous snakes in me.

The monodic chants of remorse in me.

The Mafia protector in me.

The slick slice of the tongue in me.

The instabile buona cagna in me.

The undying love of Galatea in me.

The eternal loyalty, omertà in me.

The rich volcanic soil, high-risk gambler in me.

The loathing of Mussolini in me.

Yes, you do.  Yes, you do.



“Cosa Nostra”= Sicilian Mafia (“Our Thing”)

“instabile buona cagna”= unstable good bitch

“omertá”= a cultural expression and code of honor that places legitimate importance on a deep-rooted family sense of a code of silence, non-aggravation with authorities, and non-interference in the legal actions of others.

“Galatea”- sea-nymph in the ancient myth of Acis and Galatea.
My absolute favorite sculpture in the world portrays this story in Paris at Luxembourg Garden

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“Il Duce” is a 1985 7″ single by noise rock band Big Black.