¡Viva la México!

Christina Galioto

i love Cabo.

Very happy that my first trip to Mexico, last July 2014, resulted in me drunkenly purchasing a 3 bedroom penthouse timeshare!  What a whirl.  They get you at the airport and suck you in with a “free” champagne brunch..  The purchase of the property is a whole other story, not this one. This is about Cabo San Lucas the first week of March! Whale watching season!!

It was my Mom’s birthday so I figured it’d be the perfect time to experience my new place that so far I had only paid out the A$$ for and never used!  With wanderlust in my veins my “gifts” to people often tend to involve a new place, city, or country. This time it was Mexico. That excites us because it’s close to LA and we love the Spanish language, Mexican food, Mexican people, Mexican tattoos, Mexican music, etc! As soon as we got there I felt at ease and was happy about my impulsive and expensive decision to buy a “beach house” there.  WoW…


From the door we saw picturesque mountains. From the balcony we saw, heard and felt crashing waves of the violent Pacific Ocean.


Cabo is famous for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, delicious food and countless adventure activities! There is something for everyone, pleasing all ages. From world class golfing, sport fishing, ATV tours, sunset cruises, surfing, horseback riding and parasailing to name a few! You can organize trips and activities online, at your hotel or one of the many tour companies. We went kayaking by the post cards favorite landmark, The Arch. Took a cruise and jumped off the back to snorkel, and went whale watching on a pirate ship!  We saw at least seven whales up close with their babies!! This was my 2nd time attempting to whale watch with the 1st time being in Iceland.  I was freezing and enduring monster waves on a shaky ship in Reykjavik only to leave with a damn voucher to ‘come back and try again’ because we didn’t see any whales. Ahhh Cabo’s sunshine and charming sailor boys were SO much better.  Baby whales jumping and playing in the gorgeous water with their giant Momma’s swimming beside them. It was beautiful.


IMG_8649 IMG_8685sailing_sea_kayakingcolorful kayaks on a beach in the Virgin Islandscabos-original-sunset-cruise-in-los-cabos-120618

Cabo has it all. The ocean, mountains, and the desert. Palm trees, rocks, and cacti. We rented a jeep from Avis for a very good price and took a 2 hour drive to Todos Santos to visit the infamous Hotel California!  Although I’m glad we went, it was full of old, white tourists. No bueno. Didn’t stay long but we did by chance find an incredible little restaurant there with the best margaritas! Place was called Tequila Sunrise and often margaritas are too sweet for my liking, but here they are made to perfection with Cointreau. In my personal opinion, that is the ONLY triple sec I want in my ritas!


Party time. Anyone who knows us knows that willin’ out is just one of the things we do, and we do it well.

The central area in Cabo is lined with famous bars and restaurants. Some of the most well known hot spots are The Giggling Marlin, El Squid Row, The Nowhere Bar and Cabo Wabo. Hard not to have an awesome time. People are friendly and flirtatious, you might even get groped by one of the cocktail waitresses as they come by with Jello shots, if that’s your idea of a good time.. Just a day in the life in Cabo! Haha. If you’re looking for more of a club scene or lounge than a crazy bar, check out Passion Club & Lounge or Pink Kitty.

Ponchos, cervezas y tequila, and cornrows. Nuff said.

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Things to know:

  • While there are many places in Mexico that are unsafe for travel, popular travel destinations like Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun remain fun and friendly destinations.
  • 14 pesos typically is equal to $1 regardless of the exchange rate
  • The sun is HOT! Do not think that because you don’t burn you won’t in Cabo. A girl we met got a gnarly heat rash her first day at the pool and ended up spending the night covered in oatmeal to soothe the pain. Layer on that sun cream and stay hydrated!
  • There is room to haggle with tours and souvenirs, but that’s about it. Be street smart about what goods and services should cost because on occasion you may be getting the “gringo” price. Don’t try to negotiate your dinner bill but also be wary of an obvious rip-off.
  • You will most likely see iguanas. No they are not dinosaurs and no they will not eat you.
  • Bring American dollars, they can be used everywhere and will save you hassle when calculating the exchange rate. For instance, if you jumped into a taxi for a 3 minute ride you wouldn’t pay $12 but you may accidentally pay 168 pesos without realizing it’s value.

$$$ TIP: At the airport there will be men trying to get you to attend a “presentation” in exchange for deals on excursions. Attend one the very next day. Bide your time, have free brunch, buy or don’t buy but be sure to cash in. The top resorts such as mine, The Grand Solmar, have a budget of up to $450 for each person who attends.  Make sure they aren’t nickel and diming you!

Anyone interested in renting out my place can check it out on airbnb.


Heading back to the City of Angels and feeling grateful to have such an incredible escape nearby.

¡Viva la México!