Let’s Talk About Money!

Christina Galioto

In Moscow on my way to the Bolshoi Theatre to see a Russian ballet!


The first step to systematize your finances is to take time to talk about money. Don’t wait for overspending, overdrafts or a financial crisis. Define your goals and know the difference between needs and wants. That’s not always an easy task because one could argue that the dress is an investment piece, that it would be a missed opportunity if you didn’t get it… That’s why it’s important to set your own personal goals, we all have different avenues and different demands. You’ll find that by discussing cash-flow more often, it becomes fun! Something in your brain changes where you are naturally more inclined to observe money making opportunities, casually coming up with business plans throughout the day!  Conversations about a lucrative future are no longer something you hear and think, “Yeah right, how am I supposed to do that?” It becomes part of your life, you know what you currently have and what you’d like to have. Only thing left to do is make it happen, more on how later.

Sharing financial goals with friends – and even strangers through social media – can help you articulate just what those goals are, hold you accountable, and inspire others. Research on goal-setting suggests that making public statements about goals helps people commit to them, whether they be money or health related. Consider sharing your goals on Facebook, Instagram or a social goal-setting site like Linkagoal. You’d be surprised at the valuable feedback many of the people you know can give you. I’ve learned a ton from successful people who came and went throughout my life, always asking them questions about how they did it. Sometimes just by showing interest in finance people volunteer useful information. Mind you, I did a lot of growing up in NYC so I was surrounded by Wall St types, but everyone has seeds of wisdom to share so just bring it up.

If you don’t know where to start, scrolling through images can help inspire and focus goal-setting, Look at motivating images such as dream homes and faraway lands when sorting your 5-year plan. This exercise is especially useful for partners to make sure they’re on the same page 😉

It is very worth noting that some people don’t understand the hustlers ambition, we can’t let their clouds of doubt blur our vision but beyond that, questions of morality and materialism come into play. This can cause inner turmoil because of course the most important things in life are free and money can’t buy happiness, but I’d much rather cry in a Ferrari. If you want nice things, don’t be ashamed to own up to it.

(Photo above taken in Moscow on my way to the Bolshoi Theatre to see a Russian ballet, they performed Sleeping Beauty, I nearly died of happiness with childlike excitement).