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Hello lovelies, thanks for reading! There’s a lot going on around here, so I’ll give you a guided tour…

My name is Christina Galioto, I’m an American girl from NY, currently residing in Los Angeles.  (You can learn more about me here). I started this site as a place for me to organize my work and share what I consider, valuable information. Here I post my modeling jobs, recipes I have “veganized” from my trips around the world, I document my adventures to faraway lands, the outfits I wear & tricks to staying “fly” in the sky, pun intended.

Here are some of my regular topics. Click the links to browse!

ANIMALS-R-FRIENDS are posts designed to remind us to live more compassionately & to awaken our awareness about what’s happening to the animals in this world, our world.

BOMBSHELL BABE is full of my very best beauty secrets I’ve acquired from hours spent in the makeup chair. Professional makeup artists have endured what probably felt like never-ending questioning as they prepared me for a shoot or show! Now I know what they know.

CASH FLOW QUEEN is where I share tried & true financial tips with ambitious women. My findings come from years of personal business experience, books, courses, conventions, and input from savvy business owners.

DISTORTED LULLABY is a compilation of my random poetry & flooded feelings.

FASHION SHOW FRIDAY is where every Friday is a fashion show & the world is our runway! I reveal what I’m wearing & where around the globe I’m wearing it! Typically, my outfits are for nights out on the town, but I occasionally do a ‘Girls Night In’ post.

HEALTHY HAPPY features radiance boosting recipes & advice on how to become more reliant on nature as opposed to chemicals.

INTERNATIONAL PLAYGIRL is wanderlust at it’s best. Hotels, faraway lands, and travel tips galore!

LA WOMAN consists of my recommendations for anyone visiting (or living in) La La Land.

SUPERMODEL SWAG documents my ongoing adventures in the fashion world.

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Mucho amor,