Christina Galioto

I remember myself and my grass stained knees

Playing in the country with big city dreams,

My voice sweet amongst the soft chirping from the trees

The days of innocence, hair blowing in the breeze

Simple, happy, and unknowingly free

It’d be like this forever. At least, that’s how it seemed..

Years past and I grew up fast, driven

By my hunger for the savory taste of success

To feed my needs I’d have to try from moon to noon

From tarnished forks to silver spoons

Until my trials swallowed me, bit and then chewed.

The sun blinds me like a clear memory I am trying to forget

This life. Those nights. The lies. Full of regret.

Can I take it back and be pure once again?

If the truth is inside well then of course I can

Rewrite my story with a refillable fountain pen

Enchantment of a child, uniting of odds and ends

Under the lush radiant warmth of true common sense


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