How To Skip A Line At A Nightclub

Christina Galioto


I get asked this sometimes and it honestly catches me off guard a little..  How do I  skip lines at nightclubs???  Truth is I’m not sure I have ever waited in line at a nightclub.  But I hover above the world at over 6ft tall when I wear heels and I stunt with some of the hottest women I have ever seen!  These girls are models, bottle servers, luxury brand ambassadors, musicians, groupies, etc!!  Point is, we are all very connected in Hollywood and Vegas.  Add that to running a VIP Concierge Service out of Los Angeles and you could say that our group is practically guaranteed VIP entry.  This post is for the rest of you.  For the people who see us walk by and wonder why you’re stuck waiting in this never-ending line with a bunch of jackasses from UCLA.  I have answered this question for my clients and I will share these tips with my readers.

The absolute best bet is to work closely with someone who has connections at that particular venue.  For instance, if you decided to book a table through my company, Imperial Luxury Group, someone from my team would have your name on a list, the doorman would be expecting you or perhaps one of my associates would be there to walk you in!                                 

Buying bottles and getting a table to get on the list and skip the line isn’t some innovative new trick or technique.  Money talks but what if the goal is to NOT spend that kind of money.  It is then important to remember the obvious: Nightclubs base much of their reputations on who has the highest numbers of gorgeous girls on the other side of the velvet rope.  As you may already know, women are “club currency” if they look good and are dressed nice.  After all, hot girls attract men who will drop plenty of cash to impress them, and often times girls tend to feel more comfortable being around more girls. Let’s call it safety in numbers. Keeping this in mind – if you are a group of guys without a table reservation, you’ve got some work to do.

If you are a part of a large group that may be a little heavy on the number of guys, you will want to break into smaller groups of two (2) or three (3) males each and start keeping a look out for groups of girls that you might be able to merge with. This can help in two ways, one, you’ll likely get in way faster than saying “Hi, I’m here with 8 dudes,” and, two, you will already be on your way to possibly finding some new ‘friends’ for the evening.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to approach them without sounding like a complete sleazebag.  A good line would be “I’m here with four of my friends, and we could get in quicker if we had some beautiful ladies such as yourselves with us.  We will deal with the doormen and pay for you guys to get in. Would you and your friends mind joining us so we can all get in quicker?” More often than not, unless they are locals, they will be more than happy to join your team.

There are no shortage of people working around the ropes, so it is wise to have an idea of “who is who” so that you don’t waste your time trying to talk to people who can’t actually help you. Most nightclubs only have one or two people who actually handle opening and closing the ropes, so your best bet is always to first look for the one who is holding a clipboard, guest list, or table reservation’s list. If no official looking clipboard is within eyesight, look for any smartly dressed person who is likely a doorman, keep your newfound female friends near, and ask them “what it would take to get __ number of girls and __ number of guys in without waiting in line?”  Showing up early will help when approaching this way.

It is important to remember that nightclub doormen cater to everyone from the owners of Google, celebrities, professional sports players, to the occasional foreign royalty. Hell, even I cater to the occasional prince and princess who aren’t using their “parent’s money,” they are using money with their actual parents on it!  With that in mind, it’s a pretty safe bet that no one is going to waste time listening to the same tired “don’t you know who I am…I’m going to have your job speech.” Nobody gives a shit. You’ll attract more bees with honey and have a lot more success by being respectful.  For legal reasons, I’ve been advised not to go into great detail over tipping the doorman to skip the line since some nightclubs forbid it and most of them won’t allow anyone to talk about it openly.  Still, “taking care of people” ($20 or so) is the foundation so it is always in your best interest to be upfront and ask the person you are talking to if tipping is allowed. Most will be honest with you when you are speaking to them in person and, even if they aren’t allowed to take tips, you certainly won’t be offending them.