Gypsy Picnic

Christina Galioto

What a beautiful afternoon for a picnic with my little sister and BFF 🙂 #Vegan



Concord grapes, cashews, dried Turkish apricots, strawberries, and chocolate.


1u7a1565Fill me up Kimmi!

1u7a1281Orange-Cranberry Nut Bread1u7a1495Doggie in the distance…

1u7a1538Doggie on the blanket!

1u7a1254Brooklyn Deli Macaroni Salad


We picked up a straggler, fed him in exchange for his dashing looks, banjo playing skills, and wild stories about life on the road.


1u7a1228BBQ Tofu & corn-on-the-cob


1u7a1735What’s a picnic without my favorite rosé, Whispering Angel

1u7a1862Santa Monica Sunsets