Christina Galioto

Hello World.  I’m Christina.

A model, writer, vegan chef, and globe trotter based in Los Angeles, CA. My lust for life, thirst for knowledge & free-spirited gypsy soul have taken me on a journey through my wildest dreams, one I could never forget.

My modeling career was what launched me into this wild ride of a life I live. At a young age I was signed to top agencies in NYC and Miami, jet-setting all over for castings, photo shoots, and fashion shows. I’ve hit the catwalks for clothing lines such as Marciano, Gucci, Bebe, Fernando Alberto Atelier, Chloé, Stello, and Betsey Johnson; and have been featured in magazines such as Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, LA Fashion, Ocean Drive, Huffington Post, and Apparel News, to name a few.

These days my modeling career continues to flourish and I have picked up a new passion, cooking! I enjoy living a healthy existence both physically & mentally and preparing your own plant-based meals is the way to go. It took me an entire decade of conducting body experiments to learn the ins & outs of what makes a truly healthy lifestyle. I like to share my findings to educate others and help them to understand how their daily food choices impact their bodies and the world around us.

A few years ago I began writing travel articles and blogging about my explorations in exotic lands. It was then that I started receiving emails asking questions about how to be vegan on-the-go, how to travel like a pro, they ask where I shop, what my beauty routine is, what products I use and even what I eat for breakfast. Readers follow me for travel related posts, veganized international recipes, fashion inspiration, and all around motivation to become so free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

As a natural born writer I am able to express what I’ve learned and share it with my readers. Nothing compares to a message or comment from someone saying that I’ve inspired them; to travel, to try a different career path, to go vegan, to dress up more, to learn a skill or language. That is why I do what I do, because each of us has a fire in our hearts and it’s important to find it. No matter where you have to look or how long it takes.  Once you find it, you must keep it lit.

I believe in rock n roll, doing everything with passion, the transformative power of dressing up, and celebrating life every single day.

With wanderlust in our veins- let’s laugh till we cry, live till we die & never stop chasing the stars in the sky.


Current obsessions: Playing piano, making soup, eyelash extensions, TedTalks, decorating my home in Los Angeles & writing Italian sonnets.

My style: Haute couture hippie with sophisticated sass & gangsta swag. Diamonds & tattoos go with everything.

Favorite places: Hawaii, Cinque Terre Italy, Berlin, NYC, Montecarlo, Charleston SC, Bali.

Upcoming trips: Maui, Cabo, Tokyo, Singapore.

Couldn’t live without: My passport! Eminence spray toner, eye mask & ear plugs (Zzz), good books, floss picks, and fruit.

How I stay sane: Yoga, guided meditation, immersing myself in nature, herbal refreshments, girls night out, and cooking.

Mentors: Stevie Knicks, Dale Carnegie, Charles Bukowski. Stella McCartney.

Everyone should try: Being meat & dairy free.

One piece of advice: Be Yourself. Your existence is completely unique. No matter what path you take or what steps you put into practice, you always succeed by being yourself.


My media bio is below.


Christina Galioto is a writer, model, vegan chef, and trendsetting global citizen. Her site, christinagalioto.com, educates readers about veganism, inspires them to travel the world, live without fear, and create the life of their dreams, all while looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Christina has jumped out of an airplane over the red rocks in Arizona, driven a 30-ft rv across the country from NYC to LA, scuba dived in the Indian Ocean, walked countless runways in fashion weeks around the globe, stood in front of horse drawn carriages protesting in NYC, turned a dairy farmer vegan, and once bought a property in Cabo San Lucas while drunk in Mexico. It actually turned out being a good investment. She believes in freedom for all, loving animals- not eating them, green juice and goal-setting, adventure, and love without boundaries.