A Merry Swissmas in Zürich

Christina Galioto

So… He proposed the night before we left! Ahhh I can still feel the excitement when I look back at that moment. I knew it was coming and I gave him such a hard time for taking so long to man up and just do it, but nothing could’ve prepared me for when he actually got down on one knee and popped the question. It was a magical start to our European Christmas.

We stayed at the magnificent Dolder Grand, it was like Hogwart’s castle went Five Star. I referenced Harry Potter numerous times while there because everything about it was enchanted, the doors opened by themselves, there was a bar with hanging candles, and the customer service was so good I felt like the employees were reading our minds.

Our first night there seemed like the perfect time to check out the infamous Christmas market! These are all over Europe, I’ve been to one in Ireland and have always wanted to go back. We have something similar in NYC but certainly not in LA. Palm trees with Christmas lights and Santa Clause’s sleigh flying over Rodeo Dr. is about as Christmasy as it gets around here!

This Christmas market was beautiful, people were singing, drinking (more booze than hot cocoa), there was an Ince skating rink, stalls selling handmade art and trinkets, and loads of Swiss delicacies to choose from. I was unfortunately dieting at this time because I was preparing to meet with an agent in Milan in a few days, so I didn’t eat anything except roasted chestnuts but they were delish. We ended up leaving because the smell of cheese fondue was making me sick, it has a very pungent smell that I imagine most cheese lovers wouldn’t even find appetizing..

Beautiful and delicious roasted chestnuts! I actually filmed a video before I left, a how-to on how to make my Chestnut-Lentil Pâté. Unfortunately for me my chestnuts were moldy… The show went on and we filmed the video anyway but I will not be sharing it anytime soon. I mean, I already have cats sitting on my counter when I cook, the last thing I need is moldy food ruining my credibility, haha!

Christmas Eve with my future husband! What a night that was, we went to a lovely dinner and then strolled the city streets that sparkled with Christmas lights in every direction.

Reminded me of my fat little kitty Guillermo.

A walk in the Swiss Alps, the wild air filled my lungs with the feeling of untouched Earth. It was peaceful and serene.

Christmas morning 🙂

Christmas Night after an 8 course vegan tasting menu was prepared specially for me! They really pulled all the stops and I was beyond grateful for that dining experience. You can’t tell in this photo (surprisingly) but I almost needed to go upstairs to change my dress because it suddenly became too tight to sit comfortably! Ahhh the struggle, to zip or not to zip, just take another bite and breathe slowly…

They eat more than chocolate and cheese there!


I met my German soul sister on Christmas Eve! She was also a vegan chef and fashion model!!

Old Town Zürich really managed to separate itself from the rest of the Old Towns in Europe. Pastel colors with quirky shutters and signs, it really was everything we ever thought it would be and more.

Vegan hors d’ouevres from Hitl! The oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe!! We found out about this place from our new friends on our second day there so we had time to experience the place ourselves. Amazing.

End of the story for now, here I am waiting for the train to Milan and pretending like I’m not as cold as I am. BRRR